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Are you a victim of a struck-by accident on a construction site?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Construction Accidents

If you work in construction, you know that you face a variety of challenges at work, and the nature of your job could place you at an increased risk for injuries. This is why safety on Washington construction sites is critical, and each employer should make it a priority to reduce accidents and keep workers as safe as reasonably possible. As an employee, it is in your interests to know about the most common construction site hazards and how to prevent them. 

One of the most common types of incidents on construction sites that result in injury are struck-by accidents. These occur when a heavy object, such as a moving vehicle, piece of equipment or falling object strikes a worker. Struck-by accidents are the second most common cause of fatalities on construction sites and the leading cause of injuries. In many cases, these accidents are completely preventable. 

Preventing these types of accidents  

Prevention is critical in struck-by accidents. These events often happen due to carelessness, lack of training and other factors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is possible to reduce the chance of these types of incidents from happening with the following steps: 

  • Employers should provide comprehensive training on the proper use of all equipment. 
  • All equipment should be properly maintained and functioning as intended. 
  • All workers should have access to safety gear and protective clothing. 
  • Secure all loads after moving them and avoid working under loads. 
  • Ensure the proper security of all vehicles and moving equipment when not in use. 

Struck-by accidents could be the result of the negligence of a third-party, such as faulty equipment, or other factors. If you are the victim of this type of workplace accident, you will find it beneficial to identify who or what could be to blame in order to understand the specific legal options available to you. 

After an accident on a construction site 

If you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident on a construction site, you may have various legal options available to you. While you could have grounds to seek support through a workers’ compensation claim, you may also have grounds to pursue compensation through a third-party claim. An assessment of your case can provide you with an understanding of the most appropriate course of action. Knowing your options ensures you do not leave any money on the table.