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Maximize Recovery After A Personal Injury

An accidental injury is both a medical emergency and a legal matter. When injuries are serious or catastrophic, top-notch medical care and quality legal counsel both contribute to an optimum recovery. A broken bone, a burn injury, a head injury, a spinal cord injury or a serious back, neck or shoulder injury is a major life event deserving of the best support available.

I am Bradley K. Crosta, a personal injury attorney in Seattle with 40 years of experience and a strong track record in this area of the law. I am available and eager to share insights with you in a free initial consultation.

Many Favorable Outcomes Achieved

I am proud of many strong outcomes I have helped bring about for injured people and their families in the aftermath of accidents, such as:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Serious slip-and-fall accidents on and off the job
  • Falls from heights, falls down stairs, falls from roofs at construction sites and other types of falls
  • Third-party liability injury scenarios at construction sites, such as injuries caused by defective power tools and heavy machinery
  • Medical malpractice, such as wrong-site surgeries, birth injuries and other serious mistakes by doctors and hospital personnel

I also bring wrongful death claims for close family members when these and other types of accidents are fatal.

Skilled Case Investigation

Early fact-finding can make a great difference in the ultimate outcome after a personal injury. My 40 years of experience can work in your favor. I will bring in the right expert witnesses to build a strong injury claim or lawsuit. Applying my sharp skills, I will diligently pursue the compensation that you need for medical care, lost wage replacement and acknowledgement of your pain and suffering.

Schedule a free initial consultation to learn how I can help you right away and through all phases of your injury claim or lawsuit. I am committed to holding wrongdoers responsible when negligence has resulted in injuries to you or your close family member. Read about some of my landmark cases to learn about my strong track record in a range of complex cases on behalf of plaintiffs. Call 206-388-5651 or email me to arrange for a first meeting (remote or in person) with no obligation.