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Worker with his injured back neck

Brad Crosta’s Achievements

Stute v. PBMC, Inc.

Landmark ruling from State of Washington Supreme Court in Stute v. PBMC, Inc., 114 WA 2d 454 (1990), in which the court reversed the rulings of the trial court and the Court of Appeals, holding that general contractors have the primary responsibility for the safety of all workers on multi-employer construction sites and that the general contractor will be liable for injuries suffered by employees of subcontractors resulting from a violation of safety regulations.
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What Does His Case Mean In Washington?

King v. King

Achieved another victory in the state of Washington Supreme Court in the case of King v. King, resisting the well-organized and well-funded efforts of a national movement to require that taxpayers bear the expense of appointed counsel for civil litigants who are not able to pay for private legal counsel.

Verdict Figures

After a four-week trial in April 2012, a jury awarded my client, David P. Nelson, Jr., a verdict of over $2,000,000 for injuries he suffered in a fall at a multi-employer construction site in Seattle, Washington.  The case is Nelson v. Ledcor Construction, Inc., Metropolitan Contracting and KGI Investment Properties.

$400,000 award for an elderly client who suffered a broken leg when struck by a motor vehicle outside a restaurant in Edmonds, Washington.