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About My Personal Injury Practice At Crosta Law Office, PLLC

I became a lawyer out of a commitment to help people confront their greatest challenges through application of the law. While I am proud of my many favorable outcomes through negotiations, mediation and courtroom litigation, I am even more gratified by the difference that these results have made for my clients and their families.

With several decades of law practice behind me, I carry the same passion to make a difference that I always have. Now, my dedication is strengthened by a solid track record. My established reputation reassures clients and decision-makers of the quality of my thorough investigations. I continue developing persuasive claims on behalf of those who have been harmed through the negligence of others.

About My Background And The Law Firm’s Successes

Learn more about my background and qualifications through this link:

Learn specifics about my Seattle-based law practice through this website. Bring your legal matter to my attention in a phone conversation, through a web conference or in person. If you are unable to come to the law offices because of your injuries, I can come to your home or hospital.

Many clients in my 40 years of law practice have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries, lost family members in accidents throughout Washington state, and experienced other losses through negligence and wrongdoing of others. I have represented injured workers with third-party claims and many other sufferers of injuries. I have pursued justice for each one. My efforts have helped many to put their lives back together by holding wrongdoers responsible and maximizing injured people’s compensation through all available sources.

Discuss Your Concerns With An Experienced Lawyer

Explore your legal options in a personalized manner with no rush to decide whether to retain this firm. I handle most cases on a contingency basis, which means you will not likely owe attorney fees until you receive a verdict or settlement. I am ready to listen to your story, evaluate the facts and recommend a path to resolution. Call 206-388-5651 or complete a brief online form to schedule a free consultation.