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Crane malfunction can lead to serious injuries for workers

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Construction work comes with a range of risks, and workers face hazards each day that could result in physical injury. If you work in this field, you understand the inherent risks that come with doing your job, but you also know it is possible to do your work in relative safety with appropriate caution, training and equipment. Many accidents on construction sites are the result of faulty equipment and hazardous machines that put workers at an undue risk for injury.

Overhead cranes are a common type of equipment used on Washington construction sites. These machines are necessary to move heavy items safely and construct certain types of structures. Because of their size and weight, it can be very dangerous when they malfunction or do not work correctly. If you work in construction, it may be helpful to understand the serious implications of a crane that is faulty or does not receive proper maintenance. 

Common problems with overhead cranes 

It is critical to use cranes only with the proper training, and these pieces of machinery should receive regular maintenance in order to ensure they are operating safely. Even minor problems with these machines can have detrimental consequences, leading to accidents and injuries. Some of the most common problems with overhead cranes on construction sites include: 

  • Alignment issues that can lead to stress on the structure, derailment of the crane and additional wear on component parts of the crane 
  • Damage or degradation to the wire rope can lead to loss of support for heavy items, stress on the overall system or even complete failure of the rope 
  • Issues with the electrical components can affect the function of the crane, malfunction of certain controls of the crane, overheating of the machine and more 
  • Bent or damaged hooks are dangerous in that they may not be able to support the weight of the loads, possibly dropping the load or causing it to shift dangerously. 

If you suffered injuries in a crane accident on your Washington construction site, you could have grounds for a third-party claim. You may have the opportunity to seek compensation for your injuries by holding the appropriate party accountable for issues that include negligent maintenance, poorly constructed equipment, faulty component parts and more. A careful assessment of your accident will reveal the specific legal options that could be available to you.