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The most common autumn hazards for construction sites

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Construction Accidents

Many people in Washington love fall for its crisp air, colorful trees and delicious apple-and-pumpkin-flavored treats. Unfortunately, autumn can also pose several unexpected threats for construction workers throughout the state. You could go a long way toward avoiding a severe accident by identifying some of the most common autumn-related hazards.

The hazards of the fall season

The construction industry has an unusually high rate of workplace accidents compared to other industries. Autumn can bring even more accidents and serious injuries for construction workers. Some of the autumnal dangers you should be aware of include:

  • Fallen leaves

Though falling leaves make for pretty scenery, they can increase the likelihood of slip-and-falls when they blanket a construction site. They can also cover debris on the ground, resulting in trip-and-fall injuries.

  • Ground frost

As the days get colder, frost begins to coat the walkways, equipment, scaffolding and other parts of construction sites. It makes for slippery terrain that can easily lead to a dangerous accident.

  • Lowered visibility

Darker skies at earlier times make it more difficult to see clearly. The reduced visibility affects morning and evening projects in particular as there are longer stretches of darkness.

If these are the added hazards during fall, think nothing of winter. That will bring even more seasonal challenges that could injure workers.

Workers deserve safe worksites all year long

Although employers have an obligation to keep their sites safe, they do not always take the change of season into consideration. Sadly, many construction workers tend to suffer as a result. No one should have to suffer an accident, especially when it could affect their livelihood. Anyone who has a workplace injury deserves fair and just compensation for their damages.